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Skill Challenge

Are you better than the Finnish CS:GO stars? Try out the Telia Esports Series Skill Challenge and let your skills shine! The players will get awesome prizes.

How to participate

The Skill Challenge competition ended at 12:00 AM on November 11. You may still participate in the raffle until midnight November 17. Check out the details below.

Go to Steam Workshop and subscribe to the TES AIM map.

Test your skills in the map and try to finish it as fast as possible. Capture your performance on a video and submit your score for the competition with the form you can find at the bottom of this page. But first, sign up to website if you haven't already done so, as you'll need your account info in the form!

Share your run in Instagram or Twitter with hashtags #taitohaaste and #risetothetop and see how others are handling the challenge. By sharing you'll enter a raffle as well! How's the best among your friends? Find out!

The five best players with verified times will receive the following prizes

  • place: Logitech PRO X Gaming headset + Logitech G512 Carbon keyboard + Logitech G604 mouse + Logitech G640 mouse pad (ovh. 402,98€)

  • place: Logitech PRO X Gaming headset (ovh. 129,00€)

  • place:: Logitech G512 Carbon kayboard (ovh. 129,00€)

  • place: Logitech G604 mouse (ovh. 99,99€)

  • place: Logitech G640 mouse pad (ovh. 44,99€)

The top five players will also get an invite to GameXpo 2019 event in Helsinki where the Skill Challenge final is held. A total of 10 players will join the final with five other players earning their spot in the qualifiers at GameXpo.

Competition Final Results

In the Skill Challenge final at GameXpo, the top three best players were:

  • Mobiili - 30.641 - prize 2000 €

  • jezay - 30.954 - prize 700 €

  • MAd -34.594 - prize 300 €

High Scores

We will update the best scores here weekly. Add your own score with the form below. Records by pro players and organizers are included but ignored in the standings. Check out the performances by clicking the result links!

Rules in short

  • Time to participate October 4 - Novembert 11 at 12:00 AM Finnish time.

  • Participants must be over 13 years of age.

  • Video proof is required for a verified time.

  • Participants must have an account at

Read all the rules here.

Video seals the deal

If you with to provide air tight proof of your high score, record it on video! You can record your run with a video software like OBS Studio, or by streaming it to Twitch for example, or if nothing else have your friend record your performance with their mobile device. After you have the video, upload it to Youtube, Instagram, Twitter or somewhere else online so you can share the link to the video as proof.

Note that if you record CS:GO demos in the map, remember to write kill to the console before you exit the map. This will ensure the demo will play normally without stuttering afterwards.


Join the Skill Challenge and participate in the raffle! Share your score in Instagram or Twitter as a picture or video with a hashtag #taitohaaste and #risetothetop and you are in.

Among the participants we will raffle one amaizing prize which will be a brand new 27 inch gaming monitor, Lenovo Legion Y27q-20.

Time to participate is until November 17, 2019, 12:00 AM EET. The lottery will be done on November 18. The winner will be notified directly.

Submit Your Score

The competition form has been closed on November 11, 12:00 AM. Share your results in social media to participate in the raffle until November 18, 12:00 AM!


Now go check out the TES AIM map and good luck, have fun!

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