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What is a loot box and how does it work?

Thursday, May 9, 2019


What is a loot box?

A loot box is like a lottery ticket with what you can win both physical and digital prizes.

You get loot boxes by registering to our site and searching for unique codes that are being shared in our streams and through social media.

Every loot box wins but the codes are valid only for a short period, so use them quickly! One unique code can only be used once.

Loot boxes can be opened by registering to our site. You can enter the codes and open lootboxes in

In addition to physical prizes you get a varying amount of coins from loot boxes that can be used to operate different mechanics on our site. You can send messages through Shoutbox i.e. chat and ask our casters questions in livestreams. Different mechanics can be paid with coins. More ways of using coins are coming! Earn coins by registering and opening loot boxes.

By connecting your Telia-account you get an extra loot box every week and other benefits as well. Additional information:



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