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Veto VS. Cosa Nostra – 17.5. KLO. 21:00

Friday, May 17, 2019

Veto vs. Cosa Nostra

The regular season of Telia Esports Series is at its defining moments. Veto is in a tough spot in tonight's game against Cosa Nostra, who have nothing to lose.

Both teams have only two games left in the Series. Veto is fighting for a playoff spot whereas Cosa Nostra's games end in regular season. A Cosa Nostra without pressure is a dangerous opponent especially when considering the tight games they have already played. With a win, Veto would give itself a peace of mind and all the pressure would be on Kova.

The winner of tonight is going to be the team that plays better as a unit. During the regular season a team playing better together has always won even though strong individual plays have often been the theme. If I was Veto, I would ban Dust 2. Cosa Nostra should play Dust 2 against Veto, since that map leaves most space for individuals to shine. Cosa Nostra plays fast-paced and matchmaking styled Counter-Strike and if their players are on point today, Veto is in trouble.

The game starts 21:00 and you can follow it live from SubTV, Mtv or Twitch.



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