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Tuesday's matches 14.5.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tuesday's matches


This is ENCE's last match of Telia Esports Series regular season, and boy are ENCE hot right now. Winning a tier-1 tournament in Madrid last weekend they are coming into the match as clear favorites. With a win ENCE would almost certainly secure atleast second place in the Series, if SJ Gaming ends up winning all their regulars season's games.

Helsinki REDS is a strong contender though. Still undefeated in the Series, hREDS might be able to surprise and win a perhaps fatigued ENCE. It's a BO1 after all and anything can happen. Helsinki REDS definetly have the potential for an upset in tonight's match against ENCE!


People might think that the race for the last playoff spot is only between KOVA and Veto.

Ajuri has every chance of making it to the playoffs. They have the skill, the potential and the experience. It seems like their form in-game fluxuates a lot, which probably happens due to the lack of consistent training. Every time Ajuri shows up on the server, enemy has to play their A-game to win.

Menace has perhaps been the unluckiest team of the first Telia Esports Serie's season. They have played well and close games against everyone, but are still without a win.

A reckless and a close game is to be expected.


Veto has been playing great. Climbing all the way from the first game of qualifiers, they have made it far and are a real contender for a playoff-spot. If they were to win SJ Gaming, their hopes and dreams of the playoff spot would be really close.

SJ Gaming is the second team with Helsinki REDS who is yet to be defeated. By winning ENCE they are now the favorites to win the regular season and advancing straight to the final. It's not clear yet though. SJ still have 3 games to win, if they want to secure the regular season's victory and Veto is more than happy to upset SJ if given the chance.

You can follow the CS:GO -series on Tuesdays starting at 20:00. The games are being broadcasted in Finnish in and in English in Twitch.

The Finnish casters for tonight are Tomi "Tombha" Rinne and Juhapekka "ZeiZei" Joutsenlahti!

CS:GO – starting 20:00

CS:GO Twitch - starting 20:00



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