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Tuesday 7.5. – a three-way game day

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Tuesday's matches

The three games of tonight have a crucial impact on the whole Telia Esports Serie's CS:GO -series. After tonight's games it's possible to start truly speculating about the plaoffs.

ENCE – Veto

The favorite of the Series challenges Veto-esports after four games played. If ENCE manages to win the match, they are close to securing top-4 and a playoff spot. For Veto this match is only its third but a win would secure the challenger with excellent situation, considering the whole Series.

Even though Veto is a new team they have asserted with mature teamplay. What decides the outcome of the match is ENCE's form. They are playing in Blast Pro Series next weekend and have prepared for it. ENCE might just be too strong tonight for the likes of Veto.

SJ Gaming – Menace

Still undefeated, SJ Gaming faces Menace in tonight's seconds matchup. The game is important for both teams since SJ Gaming would almost certainly secure a playoff-spot with a win where as Menace really needs to get its first win.

The form of SJ Gaming seems so good at the moment that the win of Menace seems distant. Although anything can in Counte-Strike and the matches often get decided in one crucial moment.

Kova – Cosa Nostra

In the final match of tonight Kova and Cosa Nostra both fight tooth and nail for their first win.

Kova has only played one match in Telia Esports Series where they lost 16 – 3 to the frontrunner, SJ Gaming. Kova's form is still a mystery and tonight shows their chances of doing well in the Series.

For Cosa Nostra the match is already its fifth. The team has not won a game yet although they have played close games for example against ENCE and hREDS.

You can follow the CS:GO -series on Tuesdays starting at 20:00. The games are being broadcasted in Finnish in and in English in Twitch.

The Finnish casters for tonight are Tomi "Tombha" Rinne and Juhapekka "ZeiZei" Joutsenlahti!

CS:GO – starting 20:00

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