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Tuesday 28.5. in a nutshell

Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Tuesday's dramatic ending to regular season

Helsinki REDS vs. Kova

Both teams were against ropes coming into this match. Both needed a win to secure a playoff-spot, or so we thought. Both teams were clearly both mentally and physically prepared for this match. They had a clear gameplan for the map that was to be Mirage.

Kova was tougher this time around. Toni "Stovve" Liukkonen and Joonas "doto" Forss especially had an amazing match with important entries in the rounds where they mattered the most. hREDS was a bit shaky and it seemed like they were a bit nervous with their plays.

Kova secured its playoff-spot with this win and we are going to see them on Friday in a quarter-final match.

Menace vs. Cosa Nostra

This match was never supposed to be of any importance. But it turned out to be the defining match of the regular season of Telia Esports Series season one.

After Helsinki REDS lost to KOVA, Menace still had a theoretical chance of making it through to playoffs with a round difference advantage. They needed to win 16 – 12. but they ended up winning 16 – 13.

After a disappointing season for Cosa Nostra, they can atleast be proud of absolutely destroying the hopes and dreams of Menace.

Veto vs. ajuri

After the two earlier matches Veto was in a perfect spot. Even an overtime loss would be enough to secure the final playoff-spot. Third Mirage of the night and third dramatic result.

Ajuri was clearly motivated to wreck the Veto-train and really anted up their level of play. Veto was seemingly nervous and got destroyed by the confident and aggressive plays of ajuri.

Starting all the way from open qualifiers and being so close to a playoff-spot one can feel bad for Veto. We can only hope they come back stronger next time. What a good run Veto!



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