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Tuesday 14.5. in a nutshell

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Tuesday's results

ENCE vs. Helsinki REDS

ENCE played yesterday against Helsinki REDS in a BO1 on Mirage. The map was played out quickly and as hREDS tweeted afterwards: "Then came the Goliath and stomped. We drop Mirage 3-16. Back to practise and getting better."

The map was eventually a one-man-show. Jere "Sergej" Salo, a known young hitter especially in online matches showed no mercy against hREDS. Entrying and clutching almosts every round, Sergej left no one cold.

Helsinki REDS didn't play poorly by any means. ENCE played the most confident game in a long time and in a form like this it has to be almost impossible to play against.

Menace vs. ajuri

The map played was Train and the match was a total trainwreck.

The match was somewhat a matchmaking game. Menace was a mile ahead in teamplay, but having only little experience as a team and in general, they let ajuri climb from 15–6 to 15–13 in a painful looking comeback attempt.

Ajuri is not in their best form and Menace deserved the win.

SJ Gaming vs. Veto

What was expected as a close game didn't really live up to its expectations this time.

Veto did a bold move when choosing to play in Train agains SJ Gaming who previously won ENCE in it. SJ Gaming won the match 16–3 without any problems. What really striked out was Tony "arvid" Niemelä's exceptionally good entryfragging. Arvid litterally had an entryfrag every round. It's hard to win against that.

SJ Gaming is looking to top out the scoreboard in the regular season and Veto fights for a playoff spot.

Counter-Strike continues on Friday when Veto plays against Cosa Nostra in a studio match. The game is almost a must win for Veto if they want to qualify for playoffs.



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