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Top fraggers of the CS:GO season

Monday, July 8, 2019


Telia Esports Series CS:GO regular season had total of 28 matches. During this season we witnessed great teamplays, extra-ordinary kills and stunning solo performances. But who was the most lethal player of the season?

No surprises on the top

It is no easy task to pick a most lethal player. Matches differ from each other and it’s hard to compare the players in different maps. It’s also good to notice that the roles inside the team have certain effect on the scoreboard. AWPER of the team naturally gets more frags than the in-game leader of the team (IGL), who’s main responsibility isn’t getting kills but leading the group and decision making.

If we rely purely on statistics, however, we should be most interested in kills per round (K/R). Kills per round is in this occasion probably the most relevant statistic, if we want to decide who is the most lethal player of the series. When looking at the whole regular season average K/R, two players stand out from the rest of the group.

ENCE’s “allu” and SJ Gaming’s “Jamppi” are the most lethal players of the series in terms of kills per round averages. Both had their AWPs singing as “Jamppi” killed 0.92 opponents per round on average. “allu” was even better with the average of 0.98 kills per round. Therefore “allu” can be considered to be the most lethal player of the CS:GO season one.

“xseveN” found the heads

Another detail that deserves attention is the incredible headshot percentages (HS%) of some players. Lot of the players hit the opponent’s heads with over 70% accuracy in one game. One of the players had remarkable aim with HS% of 92. This was “xseveN” in Mirage against hREDS. The ENCE player basically tapped his every shot to the head. Pure class.

Even though the top spots of these statistics didn’t offer any surprises, it is good to notice that every team had a player or two who had their K/R average close to 1.0. “Jamppi” and “allu” were just slightly better than anyone else.



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