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Tuesday 21.5. – the defining moments

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Matches of 21.5

Helsinki REDS vs. Menace

In tonights first match hREDS and Menace battle each other. With a win, hREDS is almost certainly through to playoffs. Helsinki REDS is the clear favorite in the match up and is expected to win.

Menace was unfortunately ruled out of the playoffs as Veto won their studio match against Cosa Nostra last Friday. Menace has been playing well and showing some good form against many teams. It's possible that Menace can upset hREDS if they pop off on the server.

KOVA vs. Ajuri

This match is basically a must win for both teams. KOVA puts itself in a tight spot if they lose tonight in their battle off the last playoff spot. Ajuri on the other hand litterally have to win all of their three remaining matches if they want to get to playoffs.

The match is expected to be a quality match due to its high stakes. Both teams really want and need to win tonight.

SJ Gaming vs. Ajuri

Ajuri's leash gets even tighter after KOVA when SJ Gaming challenges them.

SJ Gaming really wants to win. With a win they would only have one match and one win left to secure the number one spot in the Serie's regular season and they would proceed straight to the final.

Given the fact that Ajuri has had a match right before this one, their players are warmed up and ready to go. There is a huge upset possibility in the final match of tonight.

You can follow the CS:GO -series on Tuesdays starting at 20:00. The games are being broadcasted in Finnish in and in English in Twitch.

The Finnish casters for tonight are Tomi "Tombha" Rinne and Juhapekka "ZeiZei" Joutsenlahti!

CS:GO – starting 20:00

CS:GO Twitch - starting 20:00



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