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The second season of Telia Esports Series is almost at its end - which teams will make it to the playoffs at GameXpo?

Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Which four teams will make it to the playoffs at GameXpo?

The second season of Telia Esports Series is quickly coming to an end; only six matches remain before the finals on the 15th of November. Top four teams that will make it to the play-offs are starting to form: HAVU, SJ and KOVA are the most likely candidates to reach the semi-finals, but only three things are certain:1. Only HAVU has secured their play-off position2. Neither Veto or ajuri will make it to the play-offs

3. If they want to keep their spot in the series, ajuri will have to go through the elimination tryouts with the top teams from Division #1. 

Even though Helsinki REDS had a poor start in the season, they could still surprise everyone: with three games remaining against SJ, Veto and ajuri, they could very well lift themselves all the way to the 3rd place in the series. On the other hand, they could also go from hero to zero and all the way to the bottom of the series. It’s also possible that positions from 4 to 6 would be decided by the number of round points: this would only occur if three teams had the same number of 9 points. These teams would in this case be HUKKA esports, Helsinki REDS and Menace.

Before facing Menace, HUKKA esports had won three out of their six played matches in the series. Winning the game would have secured their position on top of Menace. Helsinki REDS was also facing a similar situation as they would have had to win all of their last three games to get past HUKKA. The only thing slowing HUKKA down was their defeat against Menace in Vertigo, which put Menace and hREDS back to the map. So even though HUKKA might not make it to the play-offs, there is still some hope for them.

HUKKA might be in for a sweet surprise though, as ajuri and Veto esports face hREDS in their last games in the season. Ajuri will face eliminations no matter what, but Veto can still avoid the situation for themselves: they’d have to win against hREDS and SJ / ajuri. Menace is leading HUKKA by only one point, but so far SJ and HAVU have not lost a single point, excluding the match that they played against each other. In their five played games, HAVU has only lost 4,6 rounds on average so this is going to be a tough one to beat. 

HAVU is the only team in the series that has fully secured their place in the play-offs. KOVA esports currently holds the 2nd position, and it’s very unlikely that they’re going to drop out of their position: this would only happen if at the end of the season they would be in the same score of 13 points with Menace and hREDS. Both KOVA and SJ can pretty much count themselves in to the top four teams of season 2, but the upcoming match amongst them might be a deciding factor for the semifinal-pairs at GameXpo. 

Half of the remaining matches are played during this week. On thursday SJ faces Menace and hREDS. Watch the games in or, starting at 18.00. 

On friday Veto will make it their priority to keep themselves out of the eliminations, but the vicious hREDS will not make it easy for them. Veto vs hREDS this friday on JIM TV, and at 23.00.



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