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The league table of Counter-Strike 8.5.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

League table

A recap of Telia Esports Serie's CS:GO-series

The season is well on its way and the league table is forming nicely. Every team plays once against each other and the top four teams qualify through to playoffs.

The winner of the regular season gets straight through to finals. That's probably the most interesting battle. Due to SJ Gaming winning ENCE in the first match up we might see ENCE in the semifinals. Helsinki REDS is also a team yet without a loss. The battle for the number 1 spot remains exciting until the end. It all comes down to SJ Gaming vs. Helsinki REDS if they both go undisputed against others.

The second battle is a four-way-battle for the fourth playoff spot. Veto, KOVA, ajuri and Menace are can all still qualify through and there is no clear favorite here. Judging by the way the matches have played out it might come down to KOVA vs. Veto for the final playoff spot.

A week from now the league table will tell us a much more accurate representation of the current situtation.


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