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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Current scoreboard

The season is well on its way and the league table is forming nicely. Every team plays once against each other and the top four teams qualify through to playoffs.


ENCE is the first team to play all of regular seasons matches. They are sitting at 6 victories and 1 overtime loss. ENCE has already secured its playoff spot and the only thing they have to worry about is that if SJ Gaming manages to win the rest of their games, ENCE has to also play in the semifinals.

SJ Gaming

SJ Gaming is the only team that hasn't lost a single match. The victory of regular season is completely in their hands if they manage to edge out a victory from their last two games.

Helsinki REDS

hREDS seems to be the clear top-3 team in Telia Esports Series. The studio match against SJ Gaming will be really interesting and show the true level of hREDS. The team sits comfortably in a playoff position but still has to win one match to secure it.

KOVA & Veto

KOVA is fighting for the last playoff spot with Veto. They both have two matches left, but since Veto won the match between twe two, they have the edge right now. Exciting times for both teams.


Ajuri hasn't lived up to its expectations. Their form has been off and their hopes of playoffs are not looking likely. They theoretically still have a chance but judging by their form you should't expect too much.


Menace finally got their first win on the board but the hopes of playoffs are long gone. Nevertheless they seem to be playing with a good attitude and can be a dangerous enemy for the rest.

Cosa Nostra

Someone has to be the last. Cosa Nostra have played some good matches and showed individual skill but unfortunately it hasn't been enough yet. Let's hope they still get a win!



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