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Telia Esports Series Season 2 starts in October

Monday, September 9, 2019

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"The bar is high, and there are surprises in store"

The 2nd season of Telia Esports Series kicks off in early October. The second season focuses fully in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the popular FPS game being the sole game title in the upcoming season which features other changes as well.

"The second season of the toughest esports series in Finland will be epic. We listened to viewers and their wishes, and made changes accordingly. In this season we will show each and every match", Niklas Segercrantz from the Telia Finland esports team says.

Telia Esports Series season 2 will start on October 4, 2019, while the final will be played at GameXpo in Helsinki Exhibition Centre in November. The prize pool is €40,000.

"In the first season of Telia Esports Series we made Finnish esports history by creating a prominent and high quality series where players got to match against each other but also tell us about being a professional player. In the next season the bar is even higher, and we have some suprises in store as well", Pekka Aakko, the CEO of Assembly rejoices.

New teams join the series

The eight teams participating in the second season are: SJ, HAVU, KOVA, Helsinki REDS, MenaceGG, Veto, ajuri and HUKKA.

The winner of the first season ENCE will not continue to the next season as they resign their spot in the series. Their busy tournament schedule could not be helped, so we can only follow their journey in international tournaments for the remainder of the year. ENCE's spot will be filled by HAVU who got a direct invite to the series based on their excellent performance in national events. The level of play in the series will continue to include the very top of the national talent.

"It's interesting to see how hungry the runner-up of the last season, SJ Gaming, is this time. And how will HAVU impact the series as a new team. Also, the team which managed to rise to the series through the qualifiers seems like a team that bows to no one", thinks Niklas Segercrantz.

The results, stats, news and info about the teams can be found from which has developed into a bubbling community.

"The matches of the first season were actively followed through the site and the chat was lively. During the 1st season over 270 000 loot boxes were opened which is a really huge amount!", Segercrantz desrcibes.

New on this season: division #1 starts

Together with the main series starts the CS:GO Division #1 which acts as a qualifying tournament for the main series. The two best teams in the division get a chance to qualify to the main series for the upcoming 2020 season. The division contains a maximum of 16 teams from which most have been determined already and the rest will be gathered through online qualifiers later in September. More info about the division and the qualifiers will be released soon on



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