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Team introduction: VETO Esports

Thursday, October 17, 2019


VETO Esports is looking to put last season behind them and moving into the play-offs in Season 2.

The lineup of VETO Esports has changed since the last season. Lauri “lardeK” Ala-Outinen was benched just before the start of the second season and replaced with Niki “Delezyh” Sutinen. VETO has also had another change in their team, as earlier this year Tommi “hookING” Saarinen was replaced by Mikael “MIKSU” Liljander.

On season one VETO took everyone by surprise, almost making it to the play-offs by winning KOVA Esports, Menace and Cosa Nostra. The path wasn’t clear though, as Ajuri stopped their journey with their second win of the season. This put Helsinki REDS, Menace and VETO to the same placement of 4-6. The play-offs were so close, but hREDS managed to snag the 4th place and last play-off position in the series only by a slight advantage in rounds. Aleksi “albert” Järvinen gave us a bit of his thoughts about last season’s success:

“I feel like we did OK in the last season. Obviously not so good against the better teams such as ENCE and SJ,” says albert.

“We would have made it into the play-offs if not for ajuri. That wasn’t so good.”

Although two players have changed from last season’s lineup, the latest additions have taken on the old member’s roles as their new ones.

“The most stable roles in our team are the IGL (p12) and AWP (lehtori). Rest of the team kinda does what they’re needed to do. You could say that Delezyh is the entry and I’m helping him with that. MIKSU is a support, I think.”

During the start of the second season VETO has faced SJ, KOVA and Menace. They managed to gather some points in the match against Menace by taking the game into overtime, though sadly not being able to win the game. This, however, was not surprising to VETO:

“It could’ve started better. SJ took us down by a longshot, but the match against KOVA was just a bit closer. Some coinflip-rounds that we could’ve taken and losing to a couple of eco-rounds. In my mind, we should be able to win against Menace and play on that level. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to think that.”

Albert isn’t frightened by this Friday’s game, even though HUKKA took them down last Sunday in FEL league with a score of 16-5.

“We have a good feeling about this: everyone believes that we can beat HUKKA. We have before, multiple times.”

VETO and HUKKA will face each other this Friday at 23:00. Winning this game is vital for both teams if they hope to make it to the play-offs. This will also be the first game for Christian “Cepi” Joutsenvuori, the latest addition to VETO esports as their coach. Watch the game from JIM TV, or

VETO Esports
Niki “Delezyh” Sutinen (rifle, entry)
Aleksi “albert” Järvinen (rifle, entry)
Valtteri “lehtori” Pynnönen (AWP)
Mikael “MIKSU” Liljander (rifle, support)
Panu “p12” Schutschkoff (igl)
Christian “Cepi” Joutsenvuori (coach)


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