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Team introduction: Menace

Tuesday, October 22, 2019


With their fresh line-up, Menace is going for the play-offs.

On the first season of Telia Esports Series, Menace almost made it to the play-offs but was struck down by a small difference in round points. The organisation has almost completely replaced their old line-up since last season, and only Niko “Nksu” Luhaniemi remains from the previous team.

This season the team is led by Samu “Samppa” Kylmälä. Olli “oopee” Piispanen, Kristian, “ViOLEX” Lindqvist and the 16-year prodigy Joona “Sm1llee” Holmström are also joining Menace’s new CS:GO roster. ViOLEX gave us a word about the roles inside the team:

“I play alone as a lurker, creating space for my team. The rest of the team plays together to take map control from the enemy. “Oopee is obviously our entryfragger, and we’re always trying to get him to initiate the situations. Sm1llee and Samppa are going for the trades after oopee goes in. Mostly Sm1llee though, as Samppa is focusing on leading the team. Nksu is our main AWP-player but sometimes we might play two AWP’s on CT, in which case I’m the second one. I play AWP if I feel like it.”

Menace’s youngest player, 16-year-old Sm1llee has earned himself a mature reputation inside the team, says ViOLEX: 

“It’s Sm1llee’s first team, but he has already shown his aim and capability in places like FACEIT. The thing that surprised me though was that he’s so mature. A typical 16-year-old gets frustrated and annoyed very easily, but Sm1llee always behaves himself.”

Menace’s fresh roster has had a good run so far, but they’re still managing their expectations: 

“Now obviously we’re always going for the win, and in reality we’re capable of reaching at least top5 in Telia Esports Series. During our games in Elisa-league we noticed that we can hold our ground against teams like SJ, HAVU and KOVA. Especially now with the roster changes in HAVU and KOVA, we might even make it to the top 4 this season.”

From the two games that they’ve played in season 2, the team has gained two points as they’ve lost both games in over-time. This week the team is playing against Helsinki REDS and ajuri, and winning these games is a very vital part of reaching their goals this season.

The roster has lately made it to the headlines as they’ve decided to switch organisations; the thriving CS:GO team was recently acquired by Conquer Gaming. They’re going to finish the season under Menace, but outside of Telia Esports Series they’re playing for their new organisation. Menace is playing live on TV this Friday at 23.00 against ajuri. Watch the game from JIM TV, or

Kristian “ViOLEX” Lindqvist (rifle, lurker)
Joona “Sm1llee” Holmström (rifle)
Olli “oopee” Piispanen (rifle, entry)
Niko “Nksu” Luhaniemi (AWP)
Samu “Samppa” Kylmälä (IGL)


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