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Team introduction: HUKKA Esports

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Newcomer HUKKA esports is going for the play-offs.

Being the latest addition to Telia Esports Series, HUKKA Esports has already shown their capability by taking on already established names in the competition. Against ajuri, HUKKA took the match with a staggering 16-5 score, and held their ground against SJ Gaming in a fierce 14-16 game. They also played against KOVA esports, ending the match in 13-16.The furious five known as HUKKA esports was formed in June earlier this year. Jere “Elfern” Nissi, Jemi “jemi” Mäkinen and Niko “choco” Munukka had already played together for a while before their IGL, Lauri “NiNLeX” Vanhanen and AWP star Topi “LYNXI” Kauppi joined the squad. NiNLeX gave us an insight about the start of the team:

“Our previous team - the one that we attended Vectorama with - had just disbanded. Only me and LYNXi remained from the old composition. After that we went into talks with Elfern from HUKKA about merging our teams.”

“They were missing an AWP player. Also, my experience as an in-game leader was heavily needed, so that’s what I provided.”

With the current team, HUKKA has played since mid-June and is thus the 2nd oldest team with the same composition, just after SJ gaming. Roles inside the team are still forming, with the exceptions of IGL (NiNLeX) and AWP (LYNXi) that have already been established. HUKKA’s old IGL, Elfern now plays a support role while also providing assistance to NiNLeX’s in-game leadership.

“Elfern has been a huge help for me with all the IGL stuff. Providing ideas and tactics against different opponents, it’s easy for me to focus on my job.”

Choco and jemi are an important addition to HUKKA as the team’s riflers. They’re given a lot of responsibilities: “Choco is very reliable. If a site needs to be held against an enemy, it will be as long as Choco is there.”

“Jemi serves as our entry-fragger. He’s also quick tempered and might sometimes get a bit upset. On a good day though, jemi is unbeatable and he doesn’t really lose to anyone.”The BO1-format used in Telia Esports Series is both a good and a bad thing for HUKKA, says NiNLeX:

“Well, the good side is that the enemy team has no idea of our map-pool. We have an opportunity to snag the best maps for us before they even have a chance to scout us. In BO1-format this gives us a great advantage. The bad side to the story is that on a bad day, we might lose to the lesser teams in the series.”HUKKA esports is going for the play-offs, nothing less:“Our aim is between the 4th and the 3rd placement. Losing to teams such as HAVU or SJ is predicted, but winning every other matchup outside of those two is one of our biggest goals.”HUKKA is playing against VETO Esports this Friday on 18.10, and winning this match is a vital part of making it to the play-offs. Their last game against VETO (in FEL league) ended in a win with the score of 16-5. But although they won their previous game, LAN environment brings a whole new aspect to the scenario with all the cameras and people around them. Watch the game from JIM, or this Friday at 23:00. 

HUKKA Esports

Lauri “NiNLeX” Vanhanen (rifle, IGL)
Topi “LYNXi” Kauppi (AWP)
Niko “choco” Munukka (rifle)
Jemi “jemi” Mäkinen (rifle, entry)
Jere “Elfern” Nissi (rifle, support)


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