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Team introduction: Helsinki REDS

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

r0tta and VORMISTO from hREDS' last season's lineup

The 4th place from last season, Helsinki REDS, enter the new season with more ambition.

Helsinki REDS joined the finnish CS-scene this autumn by taking in the old roster of Conquer Gaming, also known as PURSISEURA. Their first season in Telia Esports Series ended with a bitter 3rd map defeat against KOVA esports during the first playoff elimination round; path to the playoffs was so close, yet so far. hREDS managed to take the 4th place in the season by only one round win from the next contestant, Menace, who ended up in 5th place.

A little less than a week before the second season, hREDS made a change to their lineup:  Kristo “r0tta” Lindfors was replaced in the team by Juho “juho” Lampinen. Jarkko “Spargo” Rahja, who will continue as the team’s AWP player, gave us an insight about the team’s future roles during the photo shoots for the upcoming season: 

“R0tta and eDi are our riflers / entry fraggers. VORMISTO plays support or lurker. BONA works as our in-game leader and he will also be our captain,” says spargo. 

As far as we know, juho will acquire r0tta’s role in the team; it remains to be seen how this veteran of the industry fits into the team. juho has a history playing in such teams as ENCE and HAVU, although he has also played in various mix teams throughout his career. On a good day juho is completely unstoppable, so with this change hREDS is looking forward to beating their old rivals: HAVU, SJ, and KOVA. However, even before the change in lineup their goal was set to be higher than reaching a “top three position,'' says Spargo:

“This season we’re going for the finals, nothing less.”

Spargo's aggressive AWP plays can be next seen on Friday 4.10, when hREDS are facing KOVA Esports. Hailing from Jyväskylä, KOVA has taken the earlier matches by an inch, but after their last match there has been one big change. Ingame leader Joonas "doto" Forss left for HAVU Gaming,  where the replacement young Samuli "Twixie" Herrala. Is the change going to help hREDS win their archenemy or is KOVA still the tougher of the two?

Helsinki REDS:
Juho “juho” Lampinen (rifler, entry)
Pasi “VORMISTO” Koskinen (rifler, support/lurker)
Verneri “BONA” Junkala (rifler, in-game leader)
Eetu “eDi” Astikainen (rifler, entry)
Jarkko “spargo” Rahja (AWP)
Toni “toNppa” Luhtapuro (coach)


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