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Team introduction: ajuri

Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Is experience going to give ajuri enough advantage?

Ajuri’s roster is the oldest one in the series. Roope “tomsku” Simpanen and Joona “joona” Puumalainen are the youngest players in the team, both being 25 years old. On the first season of Telia Esports Series, ajuri’s journey stopped before ever reaching the play-offs but they managed to keep their position in the series regardless. 

The team recently faced a serious problem; they lacked leadership inside the games. Just six days before the season kicked off, Juho “juho” Lampinen decided to switch teams as he joined another competitor in the series, Helsinki REDS. His position in ajuri was filled by Joonas “aune” Rantala, who was also a part of SJ Gaming’s original line-up.With his new position, aune quickly took responsibility of leading his new team and giving ajuri a much needed IGL. Other riflers in the team (including joona, Niko “emd” Ruotsalainen and Jyri “JALLU” Tenhunen) like to play a fairly unrestricted role, adjusting themselves according to the situation. Roope “Tomsku” Simpanen likes to take control of the AWP whenever it’s needed, but outside of Tomsku the team relies on their unreadable and unpredictable playstyle. 

Juho’s absence has left it’s marks in ajuri. A couple days before their game on TV, Joona gave us an insight about the team’s situation.

“We really took a blow when the best player in the team decided to switch in to hREDS. Juho was always ready to adjust to whatever situation needed in, and could single-handedly open up bomb sites for the rest of the team. We no longer have that. It’s a tight schedule but we’re working hard to make our playstyle work with aune.”With their new situation, the team is no longer aiming for the play-offs but are trying to hold on to their position in the series. Winning the game against Menace this Friday is crucial if they wish to stay in the series for season 3. Joona gave us his thoughts about the advantages of having an experienced roster: 

“Our experience in LAN environment will surely come in handy, but Menace has lately been on the top of their game. We really need to put in our best performance if we wish to hold our ground against them.”

Will experience be enough to help ajuri to victory? Watch the game this Friday at 23.00 on JIM TV, or

Joona “joona” Puumalainen (rifle)
Roope “tomsku” Simpanen (AWP)
Joonas “aune” Rantala (IGL)
Niko “emd” Ruotsalainen (rifle)
Jyri “JALLU” Tenhunen (rifle)


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