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StarLadder CS:GO Berlin Major | Teams and Tournament format

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

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Best CS:GO tournament of the year is just around the corner as StarLadder CS:GO Berlin Major kicks off next week. Worlds’ current top 10 are all there as well as many tough contenders ready to take their place.

Finland is represented in the tournament by team ENCE along with ottoNd from team CR4ZY, the team that made it to Majors through Minors. ENCE amazed the CS world last February when they made it all the way to finals on Katowice Majors. Since then the Finnish team has sealed its’ place at worlds’ top 5. Before the summer break ENCE struggled at IEM Cologne but regained their honour by placing 2nd at IEM Chicago. Teams’ form is now bit of a mystery and we can expect almost everything from the Finnish wonder team in Berlin.

Tournament Format

Majors are played in three different stages. New Challenger Stage starts next Friday with 16 teams. Best 8 teams move forward to New Legends Stage starting on 28th of August, where the top 8 of last Major are waiting for them. Finally, half of these teams move to Champions Stage which is the playoffs of this tournament.

Tournament is played with elimination system known as the Swiss-System. This system guarantees that every team has more than one chance to prove themselves. Three wins makes sure you go through to next stage and with three losses you can check yourself out.

The regular matches are best of one series (BO1) and the matches with elimination or qualifying on the line are best of three series (BO3). On Champions Stage, every match is BO3 and the winner moves forward as the loser are out of the tournament. The final is held on Mercedes-Benz Arena on 9th of September.


StarLadder Major 2019 Main Qualifier (New Challenger Stage)

- Vitality (HLTV rank #2)
- NRG (HLTV rank #5)
- G2 (HLTV rank #8)
- FURIA (HLTV rank #9)
- Mousesports (HLTV rank #10)
- North (HLTV rank #12)
- CR4ZY (HLTV rank #17)
- forZe (HLTV rank #21)
- Grayhound (HLTV rank #23)
- AVANGAR (HLTV rank #26)
- Complexity (HLTV rank #27)
- HellRaiser (HLTV rank #29)
- INTZ (HLTV rank #30)
- TYLOO (HLTV rank #31)
- DreamEaters (HLTV rank #36)
- Syman (HLTV rank #44)

StarLadder Major 2019 (New Legends Stage)

- Liquid (HLTV rank #1)
- Astralis (HLTV rank #3)
- Ence (HLTV rank #4)
- Natus Vincere (HLTV rank #6)
- FaZe (HLTV rank #7)
- NIP (HLTV rank #11)
- MIBR (HLTV rank #13)
- Renegades (HLTV rank #16)


CS:GO Major

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