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Semifinal | ENCE vs. Kova | 5.6. 8pm

Wednesday, June 5, 2019


Today we find out our 2nd finalist!

The first season's second to last match of Telia Esports Serie's CS:GO-series is played tonight. ENCE faces Kova in a thriller of a semifinal and the winner gets to the finals against SJ Gaming. There are no doubts about the favorite, but is ENCE's victory really so certain?


The quarter-final played last friday was a party for Kova. Barely making it to the playoffs, Kova won Helsinki REDS with an excellent performance and is now in top three. In this semifinal match up against ENCE, Kova has to play open-mindedly and forget its playing against the third best team in the world. SJ Gaming beat ENCE, why couldn't Kova?

Kova has the individual skill to challenge ENCE and there are multiple clear 1v1 match ups on the server. xSeven vs. Pietola, Doto vs. allu, Uli vs. Serger and Stovve vs. Aerial. Every player of Kova has to play their best match of the year in order to beat ENCE, but it's doable. Especially when we remember the current status and form of ENCE.


The giant of Finnish esports. The reason to go the the market square. We all know ENCE. What we don't know is their current form and motivation. After a long trip to U.S, their vitality and form is a mystery until the game starts. Luckily for ENCE, the match is a BO3 and the match doesn't necessarily have to go perfectly straight from the beginning.

Basic performance is enough for ENCE tonight. You don't have to beat Astralis in a Major final tonight, but you still have to win a rising and well-performing team. You can't give too much siima, since Kova's aggressive playstyle can quicly turn out to be a problem.

Hopefully we see a semifinal of high-quality, since all the premises are there. ENCE vs. Kova tonight starting from 8pm.

How to watch?

The games is being broadcasted in Finnish at and in English in Twitch.

The Finnish casters for tonight are Tomi "Tombha" Rinne and Kalle "gaLezki" Kareinen!

CS:GO – starting 8pm

CS:GO Twitch - starting 8pm



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