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Regular season is over

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Current score

Playoff teams are finally clear after a dramatic final game-day

What a way to finish the first regular season of Telia Esports Serie's Counter-Strike-series. We ended up in a three-way-tie between Helsinki REDS, Menace and Veto with hREDS inching through with only one rounds advantage over Menace.

Helsinki REDS advances to CS:GO Playoffs with being just one round better overall than Menace. With even round difference, Menace would have gone through. HREDs end up facing Kova on Friday.

With a win yesterday, or even one point through a overtime-loss, Veto would have been the fourth playoff-team. But Veto melted in a bad way against the mix-team of ajuri. Coming all the way from open qualifiers this close to being top 4, Veto can still be proud of their accomplishments.


After the dramatic final game-day Kova and Helsinki REDS get to battle again this friday.

The quarter-final starts 8pm and its a BO3-match. Even though Kova just won against hREDS, I would rate hREDS as a better team and the favorites coming into the quarterfinal.

Final & Semi-final

As we know, the winner of Kova vs. hREDS is going to face ENCE in semi-finals next wednesday in a BO3. There is no question which team is expected to win, but a fatigued ENCE may end up losing a map.

The final is a reality next week and it's going to be the winner of the semi-final against the unbeatable SJ Gaming.



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