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Recap of the CSGO season one

Monday, June 24, 2019


Top notes from the Telia Esports Series CSGO season one.

It’s been a few weeks since the first Telia Esports Series CSGO season ended at Savoy-theatre, so it is time to take a look back to some of the things we experienced. The first CSGO season of Telia Esports Series picked a lot of interest both in the media and the esports fanbase in Finland. Team ENCE won the series with rock-solid performance, but there were also lot of other things that deserve some attention.

Performance of KOVA

KOVA Esports definitely deserve an honorable mention. The team was announced in early April and even though they had skilled players in the line-up like Joonas “doto” Forss, there were quite few people that expected them to make it all the way through to semi-finals back then. After a poor first match against SJ Gaming, KOVA quickly improved their game and started to win matches. In their last mast of the regular season, KOVA beat Helsinki REDS and got into the knockout stage. They beat the HREDS again in the first round of the knockouts and moved forward to play against ENCE in the semi-final. Even though ENCE marched to the final, KOVA gave them a good run for their money and showed everyone in the scene that they are already capable of bringing down the top teams in Finland.

Whilst “doto” has a great responsibility in leading the team, it was great to see how every player of the team had some key moments throughout the season and contributed to the overall success. It is a promising team line-up for the future for sure. Before the season KOVA set the goal to be amongst top 3 Finnish CSGO teams in the future. After the first season of Telia Esports Series, it is easy to say that the ambitious goal is more than realistic.

An Even Mid-Table

The second thing that deserves attention from the past season is the very tight and even middle-table of the series. Lot of the teams were very close to each other. This resulted in very tiny margins in standings. Three teams ended up with same amount points with three wins. KOVA, that took the third place in regular season, finished on top of these three other teams with just one more win. Team AJURI that finished seventh, was also only one win behind of the rest. As the teams were so close to each other, we had a very interesting season all the way until the finish line. It was a race of little margins and we hope to see more of that in the next season.

ENCE’s bad start and dominant run after

It was no surprise that ENCE was a clear favorite to win the series as they did in the end. However, ENCE had a bad start for the season when they suffered a bitter defeat in their opening match against SJ Gaming. ENCE was comfortably leading the game before SJ Gaming managed to make a great comeback and take it to overtime. ENCE couldn’t come back from this and lost their first match. The result showed that even ENCE has to prepare for these games or otherwise the other teams can take them by surprise. Maybe it was a wake-up call, cause after the first game ENCE did not lose a single map for the rest of the series and claimed the trophy. Nicely done.



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