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Playoffs & Skill Challenge-finals will be played at GameXpo 2019.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019


The playoffs of Telia Esports Series Season 2 will be played in Messukeskus 15.11, alongside the Skill Challenge-finals.

The playoffs of Telia Esports Series Season two will be played on the 15th of November at GameXpo, Helsingin Messukeskus. The semifinals will kick off as SJ Gaming faces Helsinki REDS at 12:30. The second pair in the semifinals, HAVU Gaming and KOVA Esports will face each other later that day, at 16:00. The final match of the season will be played at 21:45. Playoffs are in single-elimination format.

Prize pool:

1. 14 000€
2. 7 000€
3. 1 500€
4. 1 500€

Now is also the time to set your score in Telia Esports Series Skill Challenge. Send your time before Sunday 24:00 and see if you can make it to the top five. The top five contestants with the best times will get an invite to the finals, played live on Telia Esports Series -stage at 19:00.You can also test your time in our Skill Challenge at the event on Friday 15th of November; the course is playable at the Telia Lounge through 13-18 o’clock. The top five players at the event will also be invited to take part in the finals later that day.

Skill Challenge prize pool:

  • 2000€

  • 700€

  • 300€

By taking part in the Skill Challenge you’re also taking part in our raffle from which you can win great prices!

GameXpo 2019 -schedule on the Telia Esports Series stage:

Telia Esports Series -playoffs
12:30 SJ vs. Helsinki REDS
16:00 HAVU vs. KOVA
21:45 Finals

Skill Challenge
13:00 - 18:00 Skill Challenge playable at the Telia Lounge
19:00 Skill Challenge finals



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