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Interview with Veto captain “lardeK”

Monday, July 15, 2019

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“My first computer could barely run CS1.6”

Veto is the one the young esports organisations in the Finnish CS:GO scene. The team participated in the first series of Telia Esports Series. Team played well right away and competed in very tight and even middle-pack of the series. Veto managed to finish with same amount of points as hREDS, the team that made the playoffs, but had the weaker points in terms of rounds.

We interviewed Veto’s captain Lauri “lardeK” Ala-Outinen, who was mainly pleased about the team’s first season in the series but admitted being slightly gutted about missing the playoffs: “Overall I’m feeling happy and we liked the series’ format but missing out the playoffs was a bit disappointing.”

- That deciding final match against AJURI just felt like a slap in the face, recalls the team captain.

Relaxing summer

Lauri isn’t too bothered with the result and continues to tell that he has had a pleasant summer so far.

- We’ve played with the team and I’ve had time to hang out with my friends. Really enjoyed the summer so far, he tells.

Ala-Outinen, like so many other players, got into CS via 1.6 version. First games he had to play from his big brother’s computer.

- I used his computer at first. I got my first own computer when I was in the 3rd grade. That computer could barely run 1.6 and so it started. It has always been fun playing and I’m very competitive and like to win, Lauri laughs.

“lardeK” tells he has “only” played CS:GO for around 4000 hours, which is relatively small amount of time compared to the other top players. He thinks it’s because he already had a good experience from 1.6 so he didn’t have to learn the basics. In the future Lauri wants to become even better as an individual and hopes to gain success with the team.

Team spends time together

Veto’s captain says the team like to hang out and spend time together also outside the game. When asked about who he would put in the deciding 1v3 clutch situation, the answer comes without hesitation.

- I’d definitely leave it to Panu (“P12”). He is so experienced that he can read any enemy. No stress, says Lauri with confidence.

Hopefully we’ll see Panu’s clutch skills and the whole Veto team in the Telia Esports Series season 2.



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