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Interview with AJURI captain “joona”

Thursday, July 4, 2019


Before the first season of Telia Esports Series, AJURI set themselves a goal of making the playoffs. After a promising start team had to settle for gutting 7th place.

Team captain Joona “joona” Puumalainen says that the team needed the break after the season: “I’ve had a good feeling about the series, but we had such a long season playing in both Telia Esports Series and FEL. Especially for a mixed-team like us, it takes a lot scheduling to make it work. But I enjoyed playing even though the result wasn’t what we wanted.”

Time to take some time off

Now the team has decided to relax over summer and get their batteries charged up. After that they will have a talk about the line-up and competing in the future.

- From now on we are just going to chill. As we are a mixed-team, we don’t know the line-up for the future yet, but the time will tell what comes next, says Puumalainen.

The man has played the game for some time already. The start of his career dates back to 2011, when he played his first official competitive game of CS1.6.

-I was hooked immediately, and I’ve been playing ever since. My first CS:GO LAN-tournament was back in 2013 when AJURI played in ESPC League finals. I can’t recall the opponent, but they had “allu” and “xartE”. We finished second there. But yeah, I’ve played CS:GO for a long time, says Joona.

AJURI's current team

AJURI’s current roster was formed when Joona, EMD and JALLU, who had played together for a while, asked if juho and tomsku were interested to join in. Guys already knew each other from playing together earlier. Even though the first season turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, Puumalainen says he is happy for individual efforts of team.

- We were good as individuals, but we just did not have what it takes as a team. System forced us to play maps that were suited better for teamplays rather than individual skill. Finnish CS:GO scene has developed a lot. You can see the difference between a team that practices together with a goal, and with a team like us, that is a mixed group of talented individuals playing together. And let’s just say that my own performance wasn’t exactly textbook material, laughs Puumalainen.

- It would have taken a bit more training together as a group from us to succeed. Then we would have had few more execute-tactics in case the defaults won’t work.

Looking back to the season, the team captain remembers the first game of the season as an example where everything just seemed to work out.

- It was on the eve of the Finnish Labor Day. You could see how the whole team really wanted to win and get to celebrate with a victory. That was definitely the highlight of our season, Puumalainen says with a smile on his face.

He tells that the team really likes to use humor whenever things don’t turn out as planned and that there is no straight-laced guy in the group. When we asked him, who is the hot-head of the group Joona finally gives us an answer: “Who shall I throw under the bus…Do I really have to answer? I’m not going to say myself. That is a tough one. Let’s say Juho.”

We hope to see this fantastic team on the second season of the Telia Esports Series.



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