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Here are your top four teams for the second season!

Monday, November 4, 2019


SJ, HAVU, KOVA and Helsinki REDS will attend GameXpo on 15.11.

The regular season of Telia Esports Series has almost come to its end; only one game remains. The last match will be played on Friday, however, the top four teams have already been decided. There is still much at stake in Friday’s match: SJ has a chance to take home the perfect season without losing a single match. In season one they also won all of their matches up to the finals, and it remains to be seen if they can do it again, at least up to the semifinals. 

SJ has already made sure that they’re going for the semifinals at GameXpo, where they’ll face Helsinki REDS in the first rounds. hREDS took home the last two games of both which they needed to reach the semi-finals; this also eliminated VETO Esports and ajuri from the competition. They are not in the clear yet though, as they only secured their position by one point and they’re still facing SJ in this Friday’s match. This will be their chance to stop the behemoth and strike fear in to SJ’s heart. 

HAVU and KOVA will face each other in the second round of the semifinals. HAVU Gaming has really made an effort in training and attending games wherever they can, yet they’ve still managed to perform at Telia Esports Series and outside of the league. KOVA’s only loss in the series was against HAVU, and losing to SJ wouldn’t really make a difference. They have already secured their 3rd position in the regular season and it will not change, no matter what.

VETO Esports and ajuri are in danger of being eliminated from the series; as the bottom runners, they will have to take part in the preliminary games. Menace and HUKKA barely managed to stay in the series, thus the same teams that attended Assembly Summer earlier this year will also attend GameXpo. At Assembly, KOVA took home the championship right under HAVU’s and SJ’s nose, but they will no longer have the benefit of surprise on their side. The first round of semifinals will be played on Friday 15.11. At 12:30. In GameXpo, Messukeskus. 

The second regular season of Telia Esports Series will be concluded this Friday, as SJ Gaming and KOVA face each other at 23:00. Watch the game from JIM TV, or



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