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FINAL | SJ Gaming vs. ENCE | 9pm

Friday, June 7, 2019

Final vs.

Telia Esports Serie's first season of CS:GO ends tonight when SJ Gaming and ENCE play infront of a fully booked Savoy-theater for the championship of the first season. The winner gets 14 00 euros and the gets awarded with Telia Esports Series trophy!


SJ Gaming got the final spot with a 7 - 0 win-loss record but they are not the favorites here. Having played only a little in front of a live audience, SJ Gaming faces an enormous challenge when they face the great beast, enceladus. SJ Gaming has the chance to prove themselves for good in the eyes of Finnish Counter-Strike fans with a win tonight. They did it once before, why not now?

The greatest Finnish CS:GO lineup ever, ENCE. Ranked third in the world and winning silver in Majors, ENCE is very comfortable playing tonight in front of a homecrowd. We rarely get to see ENCE play in homesoil so this is a special treat. ENCE will surely get fired up in front of a crowd and gives a hard time to SJ Gaming. When thinking beforehand, basic game is going to be enough for them, but they can't show up not ready to play. Losing tonight when surrounded by your own fans, would be embarrasing and disheartening.

How to watch?

Broadcast starts from Savoy-Theater at 9pm and you can follow the whole show from SubTV,, Twitch and from the site.

If you want to hang out with same-minded people with good vibes but didn't get the tickets for the final head to Maxine, The official viewing party of Telia Esports Series! Come alone or with a friend and watch the game from a big-screen.

Address – Kamppi shopping centre 6th floor, Urho Kekkosen katu 1.



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