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Favorites prevailed like they should

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Tuesday's results

ENCE vs. Veto

ENCE won their yesterday's BO1–Inferno against Veto with a staggering scoreline of 16–1. The Major-finalists showed why they belong in tier 1 of CS.

Having clearly been prepared for the Blast Pro Series tournament ENCE rolled Veto with simple default executions. Nothing special happened in the game and no one was solo carrying. ENCE was just clearly a better team. Veto didn't play poorly. They just got outskilled and out-aimed, big time.

SJ Gaming vs. Menace

A BO1 in Mirage ended up being a lot better match then expected. SJ Gaming won 16 – 13 after a close match which might have been the best match of the Series so far after the initial SJ Gaming vs. ENCE game.

SJ Gaming showed how the more structured teams tend to almost always win the close matches. It's not a coincidence and it happens in all sports. Menace played great and the match was a high-quality game. SJ Gaming managed to edge out the final rounds in the end. I recommend watching the VOD from FaceIt. Everyone could learn a thing or two about how to play Mirage from watching the game.

KOVA vs. Cosa Nostra

Tuesday's final match saw daylight when KOVA and Cosa Nostra battled in Dust 2. KOVA managed to win 16 – 14 after a long comeback.

The match had some similarities to SJ Gaming vs. Menace but in this match up Cosa Nostra's Topi "Snobi" Hartikka decided to take the whole server on his back and pull out 24 kills only in the first half. Unfortunately for him, Cosa Nostra melted on their CT-side and KOVA got back in the game.

Cosa Nostra is still without a win in the Series with only two games left. KOVA on the other hand has only played two games and stands now at 1-1 with every possibility to make it through to the playoffs.



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