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ENCE to the finals – yet the biggest surprise was Kova

Thursday, June 6, 2019


We are going to get replay of the opening match of Telia Esports Series on Friday. The favorites to reach finals before the season did it. SJ Gaming faces ENCE as the top-3 team of the world delivered in yesterday's semifinal against Kova.


There were questionmarks before the match regarding ENCE's motivation and form due to a long trip to America. Right away when the match started that the team clearly had agreed on playing freely and without stressing too much, and it was the right receipt. The first half of Mirage went 12 – 3 to ENCE and one could even say that ENCE played overly confident at times.

On the second half of Mirage, ENCE let Kova in to the game and it was a good thing for the match up. Kova's players, especially doto and Uli got in to the rhytm of the game which was incredibly fast. If NaVi tends to run out of time, ENCE doesn't save the W-button at all.

Eventually the first map ended 16 – 13 to ENCE's favor.

Second map was Train, which is notorious for being one of ENCE's best maps. It was expected to be one-sided but it really wasn't as the crazy-fast rounds and matchmakin-like game suited Kova's talented individuals well. The best highlight reel was Lauri "Pietola" Hietala's 1v4 with an ace.

Eventually ENCE was too strong for Kova. When ENCE got to grind their Train's CT-side it was game over. ENCE won 2 – 0 an entertaining but truthfully speaking, one-sided match. You could feel that ENCE had more in them then the match showed.


Telia Esports Series ended up being excellent for Kova. The manager of Kovaesports, Timo "Perspiraattori" Tarvainen tweeted well: "We came here to renew the Finnish scene as promised."

And that's what they did. Kova lifted themselves to Finnish top-4 in a matter of only few moths. When we also remember that Kova has strong partners and a professional-like attitude towards esports in general, we can expect massive results from Kova even this year.



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