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Arena of Valor Final Recap

Monday, August 5, 2019

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First season of the Telia Esports Series came to an end last Thursday when Arena of Valor final was held on the mainstage of Assembly Summer. The grand final was an epic ending for the series.

YMCA took the control of the match

The final started in clear control of the favourite team YMCA. YMCA had not lost a single game in regular season and it seemed that they were going to dominate the final in similar fashion.

Champs couldn’t get their game going and YMCA won the first two games with ease. Their star player “Juice” was in great form and won every single fight he took. At this point it sure looked like YMCA were going to win the final quickly in three games.

Champs made a comeback to remember

The third game started with a draft pick that seemed to seal the deal for YMCA. “Juice” was able to pick the champion Flash. Earlier this season that combination had proven to be the most lethal one.

But against all odds, Champs were able to counter Flash out perfectly. YMCA’s team seemed to rely fully on their star player. They weren’t expecting “Juice” to struggle with Flash and the Champs used the opportunity to pick their first game of the match.

It looked like YMCA were caught by surprise and were suddenly out of ideas. Victory that was already in their reach had quickly turned into an uncomfortable situation where their opponent had the upper hand. In their defence, YMCA hadn’t really been in a tight situation like that before as they were so dominant in the regular season.

The fourth game was over quickly as Champs took their opportunity and put even more pressure on their confused opponent. Even though YMCA were able to pick up their game a bit to decisive fifth game, they weren’t able to challenge Champs again.

Champs came back from a hard 0-2 situation and pulled off 3-2 victory against the toughest opponent in the series. And so it was a prefect ending to this “rags to riches” story. The team, that was gathered from players of different teams and games, were able to rise on top and improve their game from week to week. Truly remarkable performance.

Huge congratulations to both teams on their great run. This epic conclusion of Arena of Valor series is also good way to end the first season of Telia Esports Series.



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