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Ajuri vs. HREDS – 3.5. 9pm EEST

Friday, May 3, 2019

TEAMSVS2 hreds vs ajuri

In the second studio match ajuri and Helsinki REDS clash against each other.

This night’s game showcases what Finnish Counter-Strike truly is. Two teams from different Counter-Strike eras meet, when the seasoned veterans of ajuri meet the young CS-team of IFK Helsinki in a BO1.

The days of Counter-Strike 1.6 feel ancient but that’s how long the boys of ajuri have been playing. It feels like they are warming up for Telia Esports Series by the day and when they really do, they have the chance to win it all with the likes of Juho ”juho” Lampinen & Co. What brings uncertainty into their game is the lack of persistent training and a certain ”don’t-care” attitude.

Helsinki REDS was formed only a couple months ago. Representing a major sports organization HREDS have to show up big time. As the mental backbone, ”Vormisto” enables HRED’S young talent to shine. We can expect an ascending series and great teamplay from HREDS.

Both teams have played and won one match against Cosa Nostra earlier. This match shows the current form of both ajuri and HREDS.

The game starts at 9pm EEST and you can watch it live from Sub TV, Mtv and Twitch.



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