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Telia Esports Series is an esports league, founded by Telia in 2019. website provides information on the series, players, game results and game schedules. Telia Esports Series is produced in cooperation with Assembly, in which Telia became the majority shareholder last summer.

Telia Esports Series in a nutshell

Telia Esports Series is a competitive national esports league. All players can participate the series, no matter if you are at a grass-roots level or if you have already gained success. Old as well as new spectators of the sport are welcomed through live streams. There are two seasons per year in the series. The first season of 2019 begins on April 26th.

Why did Telia found the series?

The Finnish esports scene has been lacking a systematic, prominent national esports league. The aim is to attract large audiences and provide players across all levels the possibility to compete against the best national teams, develop their skills and rise to the top. For professional players the series paves the way both on a national level and internationally to compete in the world’s biggest leagues and tournaments.

We want to make Finland the no. 1 country in esports and producing the series is the first concrete step towards this goal.

Telia Espors Series community

On this website you can sign up and join the Telia Esports Series community. By joining you’ll get a chance to discover loot (prizes) from our Loot Boxes and take part in live broadcasts via the Shoutbox. Join the match discussion by chatting with other viewers or send your questions to the casters. The community is still under development and we hope to create a place where all esports fans can meet and display their devotion to the sport.

What's next

Sign up and open your first Loot Box! Then, checkout the matches page when the next stream is live and join the audience in the Shoutbox when it's time. Good luck and have fun!


What are Loot Boxes and how do they work?

A Loot Box is a chance for you to win goodies for free. You can earn a Loot Box by submitting a valid Loot Code on the site. Loot Codes can be found from our live streams and promotions, and they usually won’t be valid for too long, so be ready and keep your eyes open. Once you’ve got a Loot Box, you may relax, open it when you’re ready and discover what’s in it. Note however, that you can only use each Loot Code once.

Who can get Loot Boxes?

Everyone can submit a Loot Code and get a Loot Box but only registered users may openthe box. Don’t worry, if you’re not a member yet, we’ll ask you to join once you enter your first Code. Joining Telia Esports Series community is free and painless.

Shoutbox, what's it for?

Registered users may send messages to the site using the Shoutbox. Messages are seen by everyone, but naughty messages or users can be banned from the Shoutbox, so please behave yourself, thank you! Insightful and witty shouts can be featured on stream.

What are Coins and how can I get some?

Coins are the currency of Telia Esports Series community. With Coins you can use different features on the site, such as the Shoutbox and Ask Casters. Features costs a varying amount of coins. More stuff to do with Coins is to come! Currently, you’ll earn coins from signing up and opening Loot Boxes.

How does Guess the Winner for matches work?

Each match has a feature called Guess the Winner in which registered users may guess the outcome of the match and get rewards if they are right. You may pick your guess once the match has both contestants in place, up until the match is scheduled to start. Guessing costs Coins but if you guessed correctly, we will deliver a special Loot Box to your inventory the following night.

Esports Series is brought to you by Telia in association with Assembly.